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  • 2013/02/07
    Despite challenges, with the support of the central authorities and other regions, Tibetans share fruits of progress After its peaceful liberation from millennia-long feudal serfdom, huge vitality has been released in the Tibet autonomous region since democratic reforms were launched in 1959. "Leap-...
  • 2011/11/12
    LHASA - Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region plans to invest a total of 380 million yuan (59.9 million U.S. dollars) to boost its farmland irrigation and water conservation infrastructure in the coming winter and spring, local authorities said Saturday.The total investment, an increase of 15 pe...
  • 2011/05/24
    LHASA - When Lhapa's hands are busy gripping the steering wheel and he is unable to turn his prayer wheel, solar energy kicks in and turns it for him. Powered by a 4-cm-long, 2-cm-wide solar battery, the 15-cm-high golden prayer wheel mounted on his dashboard steadily whirls and sends out prayers to...
  • 2011/05/20
    Related readings: "When I was young, people did not shower very often because we did not have enough fuel to heat water. Now, with the solar-powered water heater, I can do it every day," said Kelsang Namgyal, a man in his late fifties who grew up in a farmer's family. He also installed a solar-po...
  • 2008/03/28
    China invests for ecological conservation in Tibet(Xinhua) Updated: 2008-03-28 19:57LHASA -- The Chinese government plans to invest more than 20 billion yuan (2.8 billion US dollars) to protect the ecological system of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the 2006-2030 period.Fourteen conservation proje...
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